COORDINATOR/CONTRACTOR: University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest – Romania, Electronics and Telecommunications Department (Prof. I.C. Bacivarov – coordinator and Prof. M. Dragulinescu – contractor)



University of Paisley
The University of Paisley Quality Centre
Dr. M.Cano

Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
Prof. L.Balme

Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Arts et Metiers
Centre d’Enseignement et de Recherche de Paris, Laboratoire Conception de Produits Nouveaux
Prof. R.Gautier

Universite d’Angers
Institut des Sciences et Techniques de l’Ingenieurs (ISTIA), Departement Qualite / Fiabilite
Prof. Alain Barreau

Universidade Aberta
Organisation and Management Department
Prof. A.Goncalves

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Barcelona, SPAIN
Statistics Department
Prof. A.Prat

University of Piraeus
Department of Business Administration
Prof. K.N.Dervitsiotis

Consorzio per la Ricerca e l’Educazione Permanente (COREP)
Torino, ITALY
Dr. M.Patrissi

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Strategic Quality Management Institute
Prof. Ton van der Wiele


University “POLITEHNICA” Bucharest
Faculty of Energetics – Prof. C. Ionescu

Academy for Economic Studies Bucharest
Prof. T. Baron

University of Oradea
Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Prof. T. Leuca

University of Pitesti
Faculty of Engineering – Prof. E. Sofron

Romanian Society for Quality Assurance
Dr. D. Stoichitoiu

Romanian Foundation for Quality Promotion
Prof. V. Catuneanu


The TEMPUS S_JEP-11300-96 “EUROQUALROM” was planed for 3 years (1996-1999).


The main objective of the TEMPUS Structural Joint European Project S_JEP-11300-96 “EUROQUALROM” is the modernisation of the existing courses and teaching methods in the field of quality and the upgrading/restructuring of long cycle curricula to include quality assurance (QA) and quality management (QM) for industry (focused on electrical engineering).

This objective is consistent with the national Tempus priorities for Romania and is situated in the framework of the general strategy that aims to bridge the gap between the Romanian High Level Technical and Economical Educational System and the Western European one. It can be also considered as a part of the national strategy for the integration of the Romanian economy in the unified European structures that is an impossible endeavour unless the severe requirements on quality based on the EU standards are meet.

In order to attain the project general objective, several specific goals were defined, including the following ones:

  • Estabilishment of a strategy to approach quality (esp. Quality Assurance – QA and Quality Management – QM) in the Romanian technical and economical higher-education according the EU high education system, as a bases for the restructuring of curricula of Romanian technical and economical (RTEU) universities in this field;
  • Curricula restructuring and syllabus upgrading/development in RTEU to include quality assurance and quality management;
  • Development, in cooperation with EU partners, of novel educational computer-aided quality study techniques, mainly for the students in electrical engineering;
  • Networking of the Romanian technical and economical universities involved in quality (QE & QA & QM) education at both national and European level.

Project’s effects in the University:

  • Curriculum development for the new section “Quality and Dependability Engineering” (6th year, Electronics & Telecommunications Faculty);
  • Syllabus restructuring/development for the faculties of Electronics and Energetics (graduate and postgraduate courses in quality & dependability field);
  • Training and recycling of the UPB personnel involved in teaching of new/restructured courses in quality (QE & QA & QM) through: mobilities in EU universities, international TEMPUS seminars/intensive courses organized in Romania (including the intensive courses on Modern Approaches in Quality Engineering, Assurance and Management – European Dimensions, UPB, May 1997, with the participation of 10 EU professors, a.o).
  • Organizations of study periods/practical placements for the UPB students in EU universities/organizations;
  • Creation and development of a new pilot educational computer aided laboratory in quality field at the Electronics & Telecommunications Faculty.

Dissemination of the project results through:

  • debates and roundtables, organized under the aegis of the TEMPUS “EUROQUALROM” project in the frame of several conferences & symposia in the field;
  • publication of several TEMPUS “EUROQUALROM” Educational Reports;
  • publication of several papers on this TEMPUS project and its results in international ( Quality Engineering, Quality Observer) and national (Asigurarea Calitatii, Tribuna Calitatii a.o) scientific journals.

Further development of the project:

  • Development of the network of Romanian and EU universities involved in quality education;
  • Implementation at UPB of a national knowledge/data base in quality (esp. Quality Education);
  • Organization in Bucharest, in 1999, of the international Workshop: on “Quality Education and Research in Europe”;
  • Development in UPB, in cooperation with the EU partners, of Master and Doctoral programs in quality, integrated to the existing EU educational programs in the field (EPIQCS, EMPTQM a.o);
  • Development of other common both educational (TEMPUS, ERASMUS a.o) and research (COPERNICUS, ESPRIT a.o) common European projects in quality & dependability field – together with the Romanian and EU partners (based on the very good existing cooperation among partners).

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