Marius BÂZU

Marius BÂZU (b.1948) received the B.E. (1971) and PhD. (1994) degrees from the University “Politehnica” Bucharest, Romania. He was involved in device design and semiconductor physics. Now, his recent research interests include methods for building, assessing & predicting reliability.

Present position: Head of the Reliability Laboratory and vice-president of the Scientific Council of IMT-Bucharest.

Research interests: Methods of reliability prediction, failure physics for microsystems & microelectronic devices, synergetic approach of reliability assurance, use of computational intelligence methods for reliability assessment of microsystems.

He developed in Romania the accelerated reliability tests, building-in reliability and concurrent engineering approaches. Leader of a European project (Phare/TTQM) on a building in reliability technology (1997-1999), Leader of the Reliability & Characterisation Cluster and Member of the Management Board of the NoE “Patent-DfMM”, FP6/IST (2004-2008), Board member of the network “European Microsystem Reliability – EUMIREL”, aimed to deliver reliability services on microsystems.

He is referent of the journals IEEE Transactions on Reliability, IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging, Microelectronics Reliability, Sensors and IEEE Electron Device Letters. Recipient of the AGIR (General Association of Romanian Engineers) Award for the year 2000. Chairman and lecturer to international conferences: CIMCA’99 (Vienna, Austria), CAS 1991 (Sinaia, Romania), MIEL 2004 (Nis, Serbia and Montenegro). Author or co-author of more than 100 scientific papers (IEEE Trans. on Reliability, Sensors, J. of Electrochem. Soc) and contributions to conferences (Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symp., Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management, European Safety and Reliability Conference). Author of three books (together with Titu Bajenescu), published by J. Wiley & Sons (2011), Artech House (2010) and Springer Verlag (1999).


  • Titu I. Bajenescu, Marius Bâzu, “Reliability of Electronic Components”, Springer Verlag 1999, ISBN 3-540-65722-3, 550 pp.
  • M. Bâzu, I. Bacivarof, “On the validity of the Arrhenius model in the accelerated testing of semiconductor device reliability”, Reliability Achievement, Elsevier Applied Science, pp. 151-155, 1989, 230 pp.

Scientific articles (selection):

  • M. Bâzu, “An attempt to use the physics of failure in reliability prediction procedures” , IEEE Trans. on Reliability, pp.307-311, June 1995.
  • M. Bâzu, “Reliability assessment based on fuzzy logic”, Conference on Computational Intelligence for Modelling, Control & Automation (CIMCA99), Vienna (Austria), 17-19 February 1999.
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  • M. Bâzu, V. Ilian, “Accelerated Testing of IC’s after a Long Term Storage”, SRE Symposium, Nykoping (Suedia), Oct. 1990.
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