IJISC – International Journal of Information Security and Cybercrime (2021)

IJISC – International Journal of Information Security and Cybercrime, Volume 10, Issue 1, Year 2021

Editorial: Cybersecurity and Pandemic Crisis

Demystifying Secure Graph Database for Analytics of Big Data
MARWAHA, Hitesh; SHARMA, Anurag

Comparative Study of Various Forgery Detection Approach for Image Processing
KUMARI, Manish; SHARMA, Rajesh

Types of Threats and Appropriate Countermeasures for Internet Communications
BACÎŞ, Irina-Bristena

Cyber-Security and Its Future Challenges
SINGH, Gagandeep; SHARMA, Vikrant

Security of Personal Data in Social Networks

Denial-of-Service Attack

Online Event: Lessons Learned from Cybersecurity Experts. Perspectives from Romania and the United States of America
PETRICĂ, Gabriel

Cybersecurity Guide
MIHAI, Ioan-Cosmin

Full issue: www.ijisc.com/year-2021-issue-1/

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