Quality and Reliability


1. General Information

This course is among the general courses which have as aim to prepare the future engineers to design / produce quality produces / services adequate to the common European market. Both course and practical works make possible to present specific techniques to assure and certify the quality of products and services.

Course objectives: Teaching of fundamental concepts concerning quality, reliability and security engineering applicable in electronics and telecommunications. We will consider modeling and analysis of quality, reliability and safety / security of electronics and telecommunications systems (ETS), considering the design, fabrication and using; an approach based on faults / errors physics and of statistical instruments for ETS performance evaluation will be considered.

Applications objectives: Presentation of basic methods to be used in reliability laboratories of different companies for the evaluation of quality and reliability indices adequate to ETS.

Quality and Reliability – mandatory discipline, programme “Telecommunications Technologies and Systems” (English), Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, University Politehnica of Bucharest
Year: 4, semester: 2
Lecturer: prof. dr. ing. Adrian Mihalache
Grading type: Verification (V) with Grade
Number of ECTS credits: 3
Number of hours/week: 1 course | 1 practical applications

Field of study
Programme of study Code 1st Semester 2nd Semester
Electronic engineering and telecommunications (ETC) TSTen 04.S.08.O.001 1 1

Prerequisite knowledge (attending the didactic activities and/or passing the exam in the following subjects): Fundamental concepts of probability theory and mathematical statistics, circuits and systems.

2. Evaluation

- Laboratory activities – 30%
- Tests during the semester, homework – 40%
- Participation at lectures and practical activities – 10%
- Final exam – 20%

Minimum passing requirements: According to the “University license study regulations” and “Regulations concerning students professional activity”, with the condition to obtain at least 50% from the points of the laboratory activities.

3. Lectures content

1. Fundamental concepts in systems quality and reliability engineering

2. ETS Conformity and reliability indices and their estimation
1. Reception and process conformity control
2. Control diagrams
3. Design of reliability tests

3. Reliability of electronics and telecommunications systems
1. Failure rate modeling for electronic components
2. Reliability design in design. Methods based on reliability graphs and diagrams

4. Software quality and reliability
1. Models of process quality
2. Models of services

5. ETS Maintenance
1. Renewal processes
2. Markovian models of repairable systems

6. Security, risk
1. Assurance and validation models
2. Security / safety in IT&C
3. Fault trees and cause consequence diagrams in ETS high functional importance study

4. Practical applications

Laboratory 1. Design of statistical conformity control. Control diagrams. Standard MIL STD105.
Laboratory 2. Use of STATISTICA software in the study of Gaussian processes
Laboratory 3. Statistical data processing from reliability test for reliability indices estimation of ETS
Laboratory 4. Extrapolation of reliability data for time intervals different from reliability test intervals
Laboratory 5. Provisional reliability analysis of ETS for different working conditions
Laboratory 6. Use of Design Master software in performance design of an electronic circuit
Laboratory 7. Construction and analysis of fault tree for ETS


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5. Schedule

The schedule for the current semester: www.euroqual.pub.ro/orar/

6. Download

Design Master 5 Demo (kit + samples, 4.12 MB)
Quality Function Deployment 3 Demo (kit, 5.36 MB)

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